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We have an amazingly talented team at Satin Edge, in fact they are what makes Satin Edge Photography great!



Photographer & Studio Manager

Leonie joined Satin Edge Photography in 2016. She is a very important asset to the team.

Leonie is an exceptional photographer and a dedicated studio manager. Whether you have had photos taken by her or just spoken to her over the phone, Leonie will always ensure you have been looked after. Her warm and welcoming personality will consistently make you feel appreciated and pleased with your experience at Satin Edge.

Along with photography Leonie has many passions, including raising her daughter, Charlotte.




Jodie joined the the Satin Edge team in 2018 as a photographer. She will be specialising in newborns, kids and family photography. Jodie is eager to show everyone just what she can do with her incredible skills in photography.

In conjunction with her passion for photography. She is a proud mother to her daughter, Belle and spends everyday bringing her positivity into everyone's lives and making a difference to their day.




Hayley started at Satin Edge in 2015 alongside with her husband (and General Manager), Lindsay. She specialises in portraits, commercial, debutant and other formal photography.

Hayley spends her time here at Satin Edge trying to capture the heart and soul of every picture she takes.

Hayley is also the owner of Satin Edge Beauty where she is able to help each and everyone of her clients achieve their skincare and beauty goals.

She is a proud mother of her daughter, Stacey and has a passion for music. Hayleys confident and determined energy will inspire each and every person that comes through our door.



Business Administration and Photographers Assistant

Maneisha joined the Satin Edge team in 2018. She has been in the customer service industry for 5 years and will use these skills she has attained over the years in her role at Satin Edge Photography. Maneisha will be the friendly smiling face that will assist you at our studio and over the phone.

Maneisha has many passions alongside with photography. She is a dedicated gym member and enjoys spending her time playing guitar. Her bright and bubbly personality will be guaranteed to put a smile on your face when you come into our studio.



Business Manager

Jeremy has owned Satin Edge Photography since 2015, alongside his brother and business partner Lindsay. Jeremy takes pride in his business and consistently strives for excellence. He lives in Warragul and is passionate about building and supporting local business.


General Manager

Lindsay took ownership of Satin Edge Photography with his brother and business partner Jeremy in 2015. With an advanced technical background and more than 10 years experience in small business, Lindsay began working immediately with his brother to reposition the Satin Edge brand as a recognised leader in the professional photography industry. With the rapid growth Satin Edge has experienced, particularly over the last 2 years, Lindsay has been able to work more intentionally behind the scenes, where he continues to innovate, implement and maintain Satin Edge’s back end systems. Lindsay believes that the key to Satin Edge Photography’s success is a synergistic combination of a strong, clear vision, a loyal customer base and exceptionally dedicated and talented staff.

Lindsay is married to his wife Hayley and together they have a beautiful baby daughter Stacey. He is an active member of many community-based organisations and is passionate about creating new opportunities through business to positively impact the Gippsland region. Lindsay is well known amongst his family and friends for his positive outlook on life, something he attributes directly to his faith and personal mentorship. He enjoys great coffee, cycling and spending time with his family.

Satin Edge Studio

Our Studio

Our beautiful studio is based in Warragul, Victoria. With state of the art eqipment, located in a commercially zoned premisis, you will feel welcome and relaxed during your session

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Satin Edge Photography

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